Cover Design Policy

100% Money-Back Guarantee – If you receive your cover drafts and don’t like the results, we will work together to edit the cover drafts or come up with a new cover draft. If we still can’t make something work, you may receive your deposit back, but this must be done within 30 days of receiving the initial cover drafts. 

Refunds – Refunds are only granted when you are dissatisfied with your designs. Refunds are not granted under the following circumstances: 

  • You decide you no longer want to publish your book.
  • You decide to cancel your design 30 days or less before your scheduled design slot.
  • You cancel your design before you receive your cover drafts.

Scheduling Your Design – I am only able to reserve design slots for clients who have paid their 50% deposit. Do not consider yourself scheduled in until I receive your deposit. 

Pausing Your Design – If at any point you’d like to put a pause on the design process, you may do so, but you are required to pay the remaining balance on your cover design fee.

Receiving Finished Files – During the design process you will be sent drafts over email. Finished designs will be sent to you in a DropBox folder. You will be sent this folder after you have paid the remaining balance on your invoice. At this time, raw files such as Photoshop or Illustrator files are not available. 

Payment – All payments are made securely via PayPal invoices. 

Re-Scheduling – If you need to reschedule your design slot, you must do so 30 days before your original scheduled design slot. 
Cancelations – If you choose to cancel your design entirely before you receive cover drafts, you forfeit your deposit.