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Mandi Lynn works full-time as a freelance graphic designer and author. To design book covers, she works in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. She also uses Adobe InDesign for interior design and formatting. Her skill-set includes composite photography and text customization to design a personalized, original cover design. She does not design character illustrations.

How Does the Design Process Work?

A 50% deposit is required before I begin a design. Cover designs must be scheduled. The first drafts of the covers take about three to four weeks to design, but revisions can sometimes take weeks (and even months), so plan accordingly.

Stone Ridge Books has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the initial 2-3 draft versions of the cover, I ask that you give feedback on all the draft covers in order to create a 3rd or 4th draft cover. If we’re unable to make things work, you’re able to get a 100% refund.

Please view our cover design policy with any other questions.

Want to Schedule a Design?

  1. Decide on which design package you want.
  2. Contact Mandi to reserve your design month. Start by letting her know ideally when you’d like the design process to start or when you need the cover finished by.
  3. Once a date is chosen you will be sent an invoice to pay your deposit.
  4. Fill out the Custom Cover Design Form.

Contact Mandi

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Design Prices & Packages

2019 Clients Get $30 Discount on SILVER & BRONZE Packages

A’ La Carte

Fiction Interior Design: $200

Non-Fiction Interior Design: $350

Pre-Made Covers: $50

Audiobook Cover: $30 (if I was the one who designed the original cover)

Logo Design w/ branding: $75

Marketing Material: $50/design

  • Bookmark
  • Business Card
  • Pull-Up Banner
  • Postcards
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Social Media Cover Banners

Design Package Add-On’s

Hardcover Add-On: $50

Non-Fiction Formatting Add-On: $150


Interior Design: 

  • Includes 1 revision to text
    • Additional revisions $20/each
  • Unlimited revision to design elements within reason

Client Testimonials

"Mandi was generous with her time in making sure I was pleased with every detail and I feel that I go excellent value for the price."

Savannah Goins, The Cathawyr

"I absolutely loved working with Mandi! She understood my vision and I never felt guilty asking her to change things! 10/10 will work with her again!"

Sydney Rain, Well of Vengeance

"Mandi did a great job creating the cover I asked for. I was pretty specific in what I wanted and she delivered it."

Kayla KnueThe Reckoning

"I had a lot of requests and fine-tuning details with the cover and Mandi was so patient with me and did great work to address all of my needs and make the cover exactly what I wanted! I feel so grateful that she did so many iterations with me because I love how the cover turned out and am so excited to see it on my print book!"

Zenith AislinChasing the Horizon

"I was worried this would be a long research process followed by an anxious wait on something that could turn out... well, who knows. But you made me feel confident in my decisions from the start. The price was reasonable, the questions fair, the collaboration an easy, pain free process. And the end result so beautiful! So glad I took the leap and trusted you with my baby."

Jacinta HudsonEmotional Ramblings

"I’m so proud of the way my cover turned out! Mandi worked hard to make my vision come to life and she took the extra time to find the perfect images and make sure it fit the genre standards, which both make such a huge difference! I’d definitely recommend her to anyone (and I do haha)!"

Bethany AtazadehThe Jinni Key

"Mandi is incredibly professional and welcoming to work with. The process she takes clients through is very smooth and she really goes above and beyond in her work. No revision request is too big or too small. I've loved working with her and will definitely be using her services again."

Pagan MalcolmSurviving Spring Break With Ryan Rupert

"We highly recommend Mandi. She is extremely knowledgeable and flexible to work with."

Liz Ryan & Kari Kim, A Simple Nest

"The service she provided was quick and efficient even with the small design changes that I had in mind. While she doesn't create character designs, the quality, and thoughtfulness that goes into creating a perfect design from the excerpts provided by the author are shown."

J.A. Alvara, Title: Storybook

"Mandi is wonderful to work with! She was very willing to make multiple versions of my cover when the first draft wasn't quite what I'd had in mind."

Jo Narayan, The Wraith's Bargain

"I would highly recommend Stone Ridge Books, the quality of work and the way that Mandi steered me through the process made it a stress-free and simple experience."

Maria F. Peters, Tooth Fairy Wanted - Apply Within

"Mandi was great to work with! She was responsive, offered suggestions, and graciously put up with my many changes until it was exactly what I wanted. I wasn’t sure what I wanted before I started the process, but Mandi took what I told her and created a masterpiece! I’m so excited for the cover and believe it will vastly improve my book sales. (This cover was a redesign of my original cover.)"

Melissa Frey, The Secret of the Codex

"I went into it with very little preference, but after the first drafts were given and I had lots of ideas, I'm SO happy Mandi Lynn was kind and very willing to do what I wanted!"

Angela R. WattsThe Divided Nation

"Mandi's response time was fast and alway responded within 24 hours if I had any question, plus she is very understanding and kind. Her design skills are amazing and so beautiful."

J. Faith KenneyNeuroner It's Not A Blesssing But A Curse

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