AuthorTube Academy

Teaching authors how to find a loyal following of readers using YouTube

What topics are covered?

Your Channel

In lesson one, we start with the basics and set up your YouTube channel for success! We’ll get started on branding, creating channel art and more!


Finding Topics

What do you talk about in your videos? The possibilities are endless. How do you choose topics that will help your channel grow? Now we’re talking.


Video Scripts

It’s always best to have a script when you film your videos, and I have plenty of tips to share so you’ll be ready when it comes time for filming!


Let’s get to filming! It’s time to get comfortable on camera and learn how to become the star of your own YouTube channel! You’ll also get recommendations on what equipment to use while filming for crispt videos.

Video Editing

Learn the easiest ways to edit your video so you save time but also have clean and professional videos. No matter what software you plan on using, you’ll be editing like a pro in no time.

Search Engine Optimization

The most important lessons in this course, you’ll learn everything you need to do behind the scenes when you’re filming your YouTube video and setting it up to make it searchable on Google and YouTube.


Take all the skills you’ve learned from SEO and use them to upload your video so hundreds or even thousands of people will discover your video!

Sharing & Engagement

Help your videos get views by sharing them on social media! Lessons cover different requires to get the most mileage out of your video.


Learn how to approach other AuthorTubers about collaborating to grow your channel and network! You’ll also learn how to technically film a collab video via Google Hangouts.

Access over 3 hours worth of video lessons and tutorials

Download PDF printables and templates

Make a one-time

payment of $80

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payments of $30.

Does AuthorTube Academy Work?

Mandi has her own YouTube channel, mandilynnVLOGS, that began to actively grow in 2018 after she graduated from college and implemented the tools and tips mentioned in the AuthorTube Academy course.

Just one year after implementing everything she learned, her channel gained 3,059 subscribers and 260,028 views.

Subscribers in 1 Year

Views in 1 Year

Live Subscriber Count

About The Instructor

Mandi Lynn works full-time as an SEO Content Marketing Specialist and Graphic Designer. The following are her certifications:

  • Social Marketing Certification
  • Hootsuite Platform Certification
  • BrightEdge Professional Certification



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"In AuthorTube Academy, Mandi walks you through her 9 step process to AuthorTube success, covering everything from finding topics and writing video scripts, to filming, editing and getting more views! Whether you are just starting out or are looking to up your AuthorTube game, this program is jam packed with tons of tools and information that will help you on your way."

Brittany Wang, YouTuber

"Love this course! If you're an author, you can't afford not to use YouTube to market yourself and your books. But where to start? How do you use it most effectively? AuthorTube Academy takes you through the process step-by-step in easy-to-understand segments that you can reference as often as you need to. Get on it!"

Stephen Lomer, Author & YouTuber

"Wow! This course is packed with info that will be massively helpful for anyone who wants to start a YouTube channel! I wish this had been around when I started - so many great tips for launching successfully and making the whole process easier! I especially enjoyed the tips for choosing video topics. The Authortube Academy will really impact your channel's growth and success!"

Bethany Atazadeh, Amazon Bestselling Author & YouTuber

I love this program so much! Whenever I have a question, it’s likely waiting for me on your site! I highly recommend this course to anyone who has any shred of interest in YouTube.

Evie Driver, AuthorTuber