Create & Grow Your Author Newsletter – $50

Are you struggling to connect with your followers? Or maybe you’re having a hard time getting followers in the first place. How are you going to have people discover you and your books if they don’t know you exist? This is where “Create & Grow Your Author Newsletter” comes in hand.

What is the value of having an email list that is constantly growing? The easy answer is that you’ll always have direct access to someone’s inbox. While social media algorithms may change and stop your content from showing up in your follower’s feeds, inbox while always access your followers directly.

Take advantage of this service to learn how to create your author newsletter if you don’t have one already, or grow your existing newsletter! This service is limited to only 10 people!

What you’ll get with this service:

-one hour consultation with Mandi Lynn customized to your needs

-access to an exclusive how-to video on the basics of MailChimp

Learn about Self-Publishing

Self-publishing a novel and feeling lost? Set up an hour video chat session with Mandi Lynn to learn to tricks of the trade and find out what your next steps should be.

Learn How to Sell Your Book

Have a book already published or about to be published and struggling to find readers? Work with Mandi Lynn to learn how to market your novel and find your ideal reader.

Market Your Business

Are you a small business owner struggling to find your audience? Work with Mandi Lynn to learn about social media, content marketing and email sales funnels.